Mar 16, 2014

USA Synod Chapter Directives

After the USA Synod chapter meeting in Plymouth, MA; there are to be some changes.  We shall end our 501 (c) 3 status and simply become an independent organization.  The non-profit status of churches is being manipulated by the government to force churches to practice ungodly and unholy practices that are contrary to the gospel.  As a church we must refuse to offer insurance that includes abortion on demand.  We must also deny and refuse to incorporate homosexuals onto our church boards in the name of "tolerance".  This is why the 510 (c) 3 charters of the Congregational Episcopal Churches are being directed to be abolished and the churches run as simple independent organizations.

Donations must be made in the name of our pastor, Rev. Werner Stradlater.  Pastor will then distribute the donations as needed in Highland Meadows Church, and pay taxes on the full as income.  The church property will be incorporated between Pastor and the USA Synod with property taxes being paid.  This will take effect May 18, 2014 when our nonprofit status expires.
Again, this is the only true solution to ending proposed governmental meddling in the affairs of churches.

Our former pastor, Bishop Daniel Rea is having success with the mission in Nagoya, Japan.  Please keep Bishop Rea and his wife, Deacon Itsuko Rea, in your prayers.
Highland Meadows Church 

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