Dec 1, 2013

Meet Our New Pastor

New Pastor, Rev. Werner Stradlater

Hello folks I am the new pastor for Highland Meadows Church and Miyazaki Ministries.  My name is Werner Stradlater and I have been the associate pastor here since September 2011 when Rev. Daniel founded the church and ministry.  We shall still minister to the Japanese Christians and the homeless here in Dallas.
I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  I graduated from Southeastern Baptist Seminary and then studied Japanese and Japanese Religions at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.  My wife Chieko and I welcome you and hope to see you all soon.  Please come, rest, and heal at our church.
Presbyter Daniel and Deacon Itsuko shall have a farewell service with a reception to follow December 29 at 5 pm.  The service will be in Japanese with communion.  Hope to see you all there as we say farewell and wish Presbyter and his wife the best with their new mission in Nagoya, Japan.
Presbyter Daniel and Deacon Itsuko leave DFW for Nagoya on January 7 at 11 am.  We shall have a final blessing for them at 7 am at Highland Meadows Church as they leave.  

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